Department of Humanities and Sciences


This institute admits 1320 plus students across nine engineering streams: CE, EEE, ME, ECE, CSE ,CSBS,DS,AIML,IT,CSA and CSIT. The admission process comes to an end typically by the first week of August each year. A four day orientation program is organized to familiarize parents, students and stake holders with the processes at GRIET and how to maximize career opportunities. The faculty are introduced and the heads of departments have an interactive session with freshers to educate them about the strengths of the department, the running projects and how the student gets an opportunity to be a part of some critical projects. As mandated by AICTE, a three week long induction program precedes the curricular work.

The curriculum is a good blend of basic sciences like Physics, Chemistry and mathematics, humanities which includes courses on English and basic engineering like programming, basic electrical engineering and engineering graphics. Experienced faculty are drafted to handle these courses.

The first year administration is controlled by HOD, Dr. Mandava Sridhar, who is the current incumbent. He is supported by committees that is responsible for drafting time tables, CRT schedules, maintaining disciple, managing assets of the first year, selection of student groups for class management and selection of students with special talents to represent the institute at various competitions. A hallmark of the first-year administration is the Advanced Academic Center (AAC) that selects students with special talents and out of the box thinking. About 25% of students are currently undergoing training in contemporary domains like IOT, 3-D printing, modeling using Fusion-360, Machine learning, to mention a few. This center trains students to program in Matlab and Python. Senior faculty as well as senior students mentor the young first year AAC students.


"To be one of the basic instruments in meeting the Vision of the Institute."


"To achieve and impart quality education in Basic Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Humanities at the First year Level of B.Tech. programs with an emphasis on practical skills and social relevance."

GRIET works with and provides consultancy to the Government as well as Industry. Through its many R & D centres, and the Seminars.
GRIET invites motivated and research- focused faculty with an outstanding academic background, and potential to excel in research.
GRIET works with and provides consultancy to the Government as well as Industry. Through its many R & D centres, and the Seminars
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